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The LMC is always looking for new members to help live music happen at MIT! Without the support from the community, live music just wouldn't be possible. We welcome everyone to the LMC team. Just email us at or talk to us at one of our events.


What background do I need in order to join?

None! Most LMC members join with little or no live concert experience. LMC teaches you what you need to run a concert, book bands, plan logistics, mix live sound, setup professional lighting, carry out advertising campaings, fundraise and MORE!

Who is LMC looking for?

Anyone who is excited about music at MIT. If you have a great idea for an event, LMC makes sure that you have the resources and support to make the event happen. All we ask for is enthusiasm and effort on your part, and we'll meet you halfway.

What sort of time commitment is LMC?

The more you put into the LMC, the more you get out of it. We dont have any requirement for time, just honest effort. We usually meet once a week for an hour to organize events and update the club, in addition to concerts (usually Friday afternoons).

So when can I start?

Right away! Email us at and we'll get started.

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